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Fluoxetine (Prozac) is often suggested for people with such psychological disorders as obsessive-compulsive condition and depression, and also different eating disorders. Before taking this medication you must get in touch with your medical company. You should don't forget that people with a family or personal record of bipolar ailment or suicidal thoughts are at a higher threat of establishing significant psychological side impacts of Fluoxetine. Fluoxetine has actually been stated to create sleepiness in people taking it, so if you really feel sleepy after taking this medicine stay clear of running equipment or driving an auto to avoid collisions. Fluoxetine light adverse effects feature uneasiness, nausea, weakness, adjustments in sex drive, loss of appetite, sweating, dry mouth, wound neck, weight-loss, drowsiness, uncontrollable shaking. Do not mention them straightaway as they will probably fade away soon. Some of the severe adverse effects you might experience which you are supposed to tell your medical company concerning include seizures, fever, breakout, uneven heartbeat, hives, confusion, hallucinations, difficulty swallowing, puffinessing, trouble breathing, fever, and joint pain.

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